Born in 1992, Brussels, Belgium.

Lives and works in Helsinki.


Julia Ganotis is a young upcoming artist and creator born in 1992. Her work remains of the unseen kind, some subtle mix of things you only dream of with the harsh reality of life. She expresses herself through paintings, drawings, installations and other media. She works in various series, sometimes using a general theme for a few productions, sometimes just a one off that breaks itself from the herd in order to create a world of her own. That universe where every thing you thought you knew, turns out to be wrong and every thing you only dreamed of becomes a reality.
In Julia’s work you sometimes get lost in her story, you sometimes wonder, but you cannot miss that unavoidable guideline that her vision is.



2011: UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Southend, Essex,UK

2012: Central St.Martin's College of Art and Design,London, UK Course in Experimental Jewellery by Anastasia Young

2014: BA Honours Mixed Media Fine Arts,University of Westminster, London, UK


2017: MA Visual Culture and Contemporary Art, Aalto Univeristy, Helsinki, Finland




Group exhibitions:


2011, Commo, Volos, Greece.


May 2014, For Now, Ambika P3, London, UK.


August 2015, Quattro, Accademia dei Partenopei, Naples, Italy.


August - September 2015, Group exhibition , Artcevia International Art Festival, Ancona, Italy .            


September 2015, International Mail Art Festival, Sicilia Journal, Catania, Italy.


October - December 2015, Gust'Arti , Milan, Italy.


May 2016 - Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan .


May-June 2016 - Chelsea Fringe Festival, London, UK .


June 2016 - Any Given Book show, White Noise Gallery, Rome, Italy.


June-July 2016 - MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Germany.


August - September 2016 - Artcevia International Art Festival, Ancona, Italy.


October-November 2016 - Premio Accademico Internazionale di Poesia e Arte Contemporanea Apollo dionisiaco, Rome, Italy.


December 2016 - The ArtBox Project, Miami, USA.


Solo exhibitions:


2010, Chocolate and more, Volos, Greece.


April 2015, Galerie 3F, Paris, France.



Upcoming Exhibitions:



Group exhibitions: -



Solo exhibitions: